Midnight Wilds


Midnight Wilds is a casino game from Microgaming. The basic concept is similar to other slot games of this style, where you are presented with many different icons and are given a range of different pre-set odds. The big difference is that in Midnight Wilds you are placed in an entirely different environment, with many different obstacles you must overcome in order to win. This is the most basic explanation of how the game works, however it is worth exploring in more detail to get a full understanding.

Like many other slot games of this style, Midnight Wilds has a range of icons which rotate up and down, and there is a special icon at the top of the board which triggers a random spin. The icons rotate up and down again whenever they are hit, and there is a short pause before the next set of icons can be spun. This is designed to simulate the thrill and uncertainty of a live slot machine, and gives the player a sense of wanting to know what is going to happen next. It also makes the game much more difficult, as making the right selection on even one of your spins can result in a payout of several times your starting bankroll.

As well as the main game mode of winning cash or free spins, Midnight Wilds offers a number of bonus features. There are two bonus boards, featuring four different icons. Each board has its own pre-set payout conditions, and the icons rotate up and down when the player lands on them. In addition to the four standard icons there are a number of bonus icons available, including one which pays out double the amount of money you had initially wagered. These are excellent features for anyone looking for a little extra excitement for their virtual casino experience.

The game has two multiplayer games, a single player game against the computer and a multi-player game against a group of players all trying to win the biggest prize. Each player starts off with ten bankrolls, and can expand their bankrolls by using a free spin. When the player ends up spinning a blue icon and loses his last spin, he is immediately eliminated from the game. It is possible for multiple players to play in the same game, and if there is a winner the game is replayed until someone wins.

One interesting aspect of the game is the type of spins it uses. Unlike other slot games where a small portion of your bankroll is used to determine whether you will receive spins, Midnight Wilds utilizes a 500x reset feature. What this means is that after you win a spin and lose the amount on that spin, the total stake you have on the pot is reset to the total amount of money you had initially won, including your initial investment. It is a good feature because it adds a bit of excitement and keeps players interested, but you should know that the reset feature may cause you to lose more than you expect.

Overall, the game is fun and provides a nice challenge for those who want to be a little more strategic with their slot gaming. Some of the promotions and bonuses are a little weak, however, so it may not be worth playing with the hopes of receiving a huge jackpot. If you enjoy the game and like the challenges it presents, you should definitely try out the online slots offered by this casino. You might just be surprised at how much you actually gain, and how quickly you can achieve success!