Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvenstone


In the Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvenstone slot machine the player takes on the roll of a legendary character from the hit Disney movie. Using new casino gaming technology that uses a friendly interface and a simple set of instructions the player can have a chance to re-create scenes and events from the film to play. The only problem with this game is that the computer-generated images are not very realistic nor do they resemble the real-life appearance of the main character, Elwynn

There are several different symbols that can be used to denote different aspects of the story and gameplay as well. The player has the option of either using the traditional look of the cartoon to portray Elwynnny throughout the scenes or he or she can change into the costume of the film’s main villain, Dracula. In the case of the former, the player can create images of the two main characters, as well as details of their interaction in the story. Another great feature of the Legends of Elvenstone is the bonus feature. With this feature, you get additional incentives along with your gaming win. For example, in the case of winning ten chips or more you get a free meal at a restaurant, while in the case of losing all of your winnings you receive a minor penalty.

As part of the casino’s loyalty scheme, the developers of Kingdoms Rise: Legend of Elvenstone has ensured that they will continue to add free spins to the game. You can keep on playing and winning for as long as you want, or for as long as the casino allows. It is recommended that you play through the entire game before moving on to the next slot machine. The free spins feature is a great way to win money. If you are looking for a good casino bonus then the free spins feature of this game might just be worth checking out.