Better Wilds


If you enjoy playing online casino games of any type then I definitely suggest that you check out Better Wilds. This is not your typical virtual casino game where you are generally at the mercy of random number generators and other random factors as to whether you will hit a jackpot or not. In Better Wilds you actually have control over the outcome of every single game you play! Here are the main advantages of playing Better Wilds that you should definitely keep in mind when playing.

First, you get to do what many people find to be the best feature of the game: play the game for free! When you play in an online casino game you are generally playing against the house, and not against the competition. However, this can cause problems when it comes to trying to figure out how much money you should bet, since everyone else seems to be betting the same amount and on the same types of games. However, with better wilds slot machine the outcome of each game is completely up to you, and you have the ability to customize the amount that you bet on each game. This means that you will be able to determine exactly how much money you would like to win, and it really is up to you!

Second, while playing Better Wilds you are also given the opportunity to earn extra coins. The regular wild symbols on a regular slot machine are worth only five reels on the larger models, but when you play better wild symbols the reels multiply faster, and this gives you the chance to earn ten reels in a row, which equates to 100% extra cash during your play session! Finally, you are able to earn coins for just about any purpose that you want, and with better wild symbols the slot machine pays out three coins for each one that you win! With all of these great benefits to having a regular slot machine that pays out regular cash, there is no wonder that the Better Wilds slot machine is so popular with consumers. You owe it to yourself to try this slot machine, since not only does it have all of the great qualities that make it great, it also pays out cash quickly for you.