Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants


Age of the Gods Norse is a 5-realm, 50 slot, progressive casino game, available across mobile and desktop devices. It’s set to enter free roll live sometime in the future. As you may have assumed, the slots inspired by the Norse mythology and the gods are inspired by the Nordic myths. The game has the feel of classic slots but with a graphical user interface more in line with today’s standards.

Age of the Gods Norse is different than your typical progressive casino game, in that it offers a free roll for starters, as well as a free bonus features and separate land. It also has an optional feature that lets you know which land you have and which giant symbols are on that land. The land features include a temple, marketplace, forest, and other features. The free bonus features include three jackpot symbols that increase over time, a special thong that gives double the points when you flip it, a hoarding icon that grows and shrinks resources like ice and coal, and finally, a “superblock” icon that doubles all points earned, coins collected, and coins bought. In short, the goals in Age of the Gods Norse are to earn as much money as possible, so players should be careful not to spend all their money or else they won’t be successful in the game. The graphics and sound design are fairly solid.

The actual reels themselves are pretty impressive. There is a nice interface that lets you easily see the reels, and it lets you know how many spins are left on each reel before it ends. There is also an interface option that lets you turn the game off and on from your desktop if you’re playing on a computer without an internet connection.

This online slot game has many similar features with the original version, such as the ability to buy items using real money, and there are numerous reels with the same theme as well as the original. As I said, the biggest difference between the two is the money you can use on reels. You can’t buy any coins with real money in this game; you have to use your points instead. There are some people who haven’t played the real-money slot games online before, and I would definitely recommend this to people who don’t know too much about this genre.

The interface for this game is really neat. There are options for chat rooms, forums, and even voice support. The voice support is pretty cool, actually: the computer will say things when you need to know what that means. Another cool thing is that you can activate or deactivate the 8 free spins. The interface for this game is really nice and smooth, even though there were probably many versions of this game which came out before, and maybe none of them are as nice as the one we have here.

Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants may not be as exciting as some of the other Age of the Gods games that came out, but it does have its fans. It’s a relatively new game, and many people who played it are only just now getting around to playing it. The graphics are a bit simple, but it’s also not the most graphically intense game out there. For those who have always wanted a realistic board game filled with hundreds of different monsters, this is a great option. For those who only want a fun flash game with good prizes, this might not be the best option, but it’s certainly worth a try.