Adventure Trail


The object of the Fire Blast: Adventure Trail slot machine is to acquire winning code combinations by spinning reels at the machine’s front panel. To play the machine: To start playing the game, the number of active payline is set at 30. The total win amount is then set to zero. Now, the player may choose to place a single, double, or triple spin. Each of these will produce a different outcome.

If a player would like to win the highest amount of money possible when playing this slot machine, it is recommended that he or she plays the Adventure Trail with the fire blaze jackpots. These fire blaze jackpots can reach up to nine hundred and twenty five dollars. However, winning the maximum amount of money from the Adventure Trail with the fire blaze jackpots will only be possible if a player plays the machine at a high rate of play.

There are also some other “bonus features” which a player may acquire through means of a registration, such as getting the “buy one ticket, get the second one free” and “win real cash.” These bonus features are not permanent and a player has to accumulate enough spins to qualify for the bonus features. Furthermore, a person has to enter his or her personal contact information on the online casino’s contact page in order to activate the free bonus features. Otherwise, these free features will not take effect.

The “buy one, get one free” and “Win Real Money” features of the Adventure Trail slot machine can be activated through the use of an internet casino. When these features are activated, a random selection of one of the four slot prizes on the pay table will be shown on the video screen. After a player has selected a prize, he or she will be directed to the video screen to check if he or she has won. If a player wins the prize, he or she will be instructed to deposit the same amount of money that was used in the original slot play.

The Adventure Trail slot machine also has ” monkeys throwing the ball” as one of its bonus features. In this version of the game, there are four “monkey” icons which move around a fixed course. The course leads a player to four “landing spots” that contain bananas. The mini monkey faces the player every time a player lands on his or her destination.

The “Landing Zone” is the area where all the action occurs in Adventure Trail. Here, there are “landing squares” where a player can land their wheel and continue their adventure. As a bonus feature, the larger monkey statues in the landing zone award progressively larger jackpots. At the end of each of the five bonus scenes, the prizes are again given out. The Adventure Trail slot machine also features a bonus feature wherein a smaller monkey statue is replaced with a larger one if the player manages to get all five coins in the mini monkey statues during a five-minute timer.